Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten Ways To Anger the Backstreet Boy Fan In Your Life

Here is my list of ten different things you can say and or do to anger (ok ok P!$$ off ) the Backstreet Boy fan in your life.  Well at least this one anyway.
Hell hath no fury like a Backstreet fan scorned!!

1. Refer to them as the backdoor boys or backstreet girls or any number of unfunny names designed to put them and ultimately me (the fan) down
Ha Ha we get it and we've heard it. It wasn't funny 20 years ago when they first started and it ain't funny now. Not to mention (except ima mention it) it's not even original anymore.

2. Tell me THEY sound like One Direction, The Wanted or any other new(ish) group out there
What you might mean (if indeed you think they sound alike) is that One Direction sounds like the Backstreet Boys since they were touring the world before Harry could walk.

3. Ask me when they got back together
For the record they NEVER BROKE UP! Kevin left the group 7 years ago but the other 4 stayed together. Why do I have to keep saying this people?? WHY???

4. Tell me all "Boy" Bands sound the same
Really? I can't ! I don't! Really? Just NO!!

5. Bring up the whole Paris Hilton thing as some sort of statement about Nick as a person and BSB as a group
Yeah we know he dated Paris Hilton. He is over it I am sure she is over it and we (the fans) are so over it. You should get over it too!!

6. Ask me which one is gay and then laugh like you made a joke
It's 2013 gay isn't an insult (or it shouldn't be) anymore.  Grow UP!

7.Tell me such things as they haven't released any albums or toured in years! Seriously someone said this to my face! With their face!

My pocketbook (do people still say pocketbook anymore? Besides me?) begs to differ. I sure have shelled out quite a chunk of change on these nonexistent albums and tours just in the last 3 years.

8. Tell me no one buys their music anymore
For the record ( I am putting a lot of stuff on the record today y'all) every Backstreet Boy album including the collab album with NKOTB has debuted in the top 10 on the charts. Just let that sink in. No really let it sink in before you continue. Also 130 million + albums sold so there's that!!

9. Tell me they are too old to still be doing this
First of all there is no age limit on good music. Second of all they aren't old. Third of all ever heard of the Rolling Stones, or Tina Turner. Fourth of all Gwen Stefani is 40. I rest my case.

10. Give me the old "They don't make real music" line
Really cuz they really sing it with their real voices and it's really live when they are in concert! What exactly is real music anyway seriously can someone explain that to me?? Their music has really lasted 20 years. I would say it doesn't get much more real than that!

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