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LAST WEEK IN BACKSTREET: 1/21/2013-1/27/2013
 I found frontrowking a website that has some pretty up to date info on BSB among other artists and what might be happening with their tours. Baby Ava Jaymes (Aj and Rochelle's brand new beautiful baby girl) turned 2 months old today 1/27/13 Only 82 more days until we reach the 20th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys. We are still voting here to determine who the best boy band of all time is. Like we don't already know who that is already!!
LAST WEEK IN BACKSTREET: 1/14/13-1/20/13
I found out that Ryan Gosling was almost sort of (not really) a Backstreet Boy and my heart did funny things! Click Me To Read All About It The Boys where in China doing a little song a dance for the locals. Asia LOVES them some Backstreet Boys! The Boys announced that they would be in China in May of this year for what I hope is the start of the tour! I can only hope this means we will be getting an album release date soon and then U.S tour dates soon after!!
Backstreet Boys Rockstar Runway  Old Nay Commercial!! This is where I posted a countdown clock that let's you know how long we have until BSB 20th anniversary!! This is where I talk about my love of BSB!

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